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Our menu of reliable services include:

• Screen repairs for all types of windows and doors

• Thermal glass replacement for wood and PVC windows, patio doors, and steel entry doors

• Commercial and residential replacement window and door hardware and weatherstripping

• Specialty fireplace glass repair

• Wood sash repair

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• Manufactured screens (frames and mesh) for patio doors, porch screens, garden door screens, and windows

• Specialty decorative and tempered glass for display shelves, refrigerator shelving, aquariums, terrariums, etc.

• Glass and mirror cutting including custom shapes for picture frames, table covers, shelves, cabinets, and wall mountings. (SHOP custom glass and mirror cuts HERE)

• Custom glass showers

• Deck railings

Parts & Hardware
• Smart locks

• Vinyl window cleaners

• Various miscellaneous parts for windows, doors, screens; door sweeps, casement window operators

• Door hardware; handles, hinges

• Silicone and thermoplastic sealants available in clear and white (in addition to many in-stock colours)

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